The beach is always an excellent choice for a relaxing getaway, so it’s not surprising why millions would flock to a beach destination each year. If you’re planning a beach holiday yourself, but are not sure where to go, here are our suggestions on where to go for an ultimate beach break.

  • Cornwall, UK

With several miles of glorious sandy beaches, from the surf-swept stretches of golden sands on the north to the sheltered and rocky coves on the south, Cornwall has all the ingredients for a fun beach vacation. 

Those who are into surfing will find several opportunities to ride great waves. Curious little kids will enjoy exploring rock pools, crabbing, and building sandcastles. Adults can relax and sunbathe at the beach or enjoy scenic walks along the harbour.

  • Barbados, Caribbean

Barbados ticks all the boxes for an ultimate beach break in the Caribbean. It has idyllic beaches with generally calm waters, perfect for swimming. While the gorgeous beaches and the great weather are the top reasons why many would come here for a holiday, Barbados is also renowned for its delectable culinary offerings. Around the island, you’ll find many fantastic restaurants serving delightful Bajan and international cuisines. So, if you are a foodie looking for the ultimate getaway, Barbados is the place to be.

  • The Bahamas, Caribbean

The Bahamas often tops the list for being the world’s best beach vacation destinations, thanks to its sheer beauty, incredible weather, and pristine white sand beaches. While you might prefer to spend most of your time hanging out at the beach, you should also try scuba diving and snorkelling. 

If you want to try something more unique and exciting, swim with the cute pigs at Big Major Cay. Swimming with the pigs is popular in the Bahamas and something every visitor should try.

  • Crete, Greece 

There are many beautiful islands in Greece to visit for a beach holiday. But if you can only go to one island, make it Crete, the largest and most populous Greek island. Aside from beautiful beaches, Crete offers many things for the ultimate beach break.

First, there are some lovely rental villas in Crete, a perfect place to relax and unwind. It is also famous for its incredible food scene and delicious wine. If you’re into history, you’ll find fascinating historical sites like the Knossos Palace and Venetian Castle.

  • Tulum, Mexico

Located along Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is a haven for beach lovers. Stretching for several miles and featuring silky smooth white sands, the beaches in Tulum are incredibly gorgeous. In addition, its beachfront is home to some of the world’s most stunning resorts, and you can easily spend your days chilling out at the shore with a refreshing drink in hand as you take in the gorgeous views.

A beach holiday in Tulum won’t be complete without trying some water activities. Head to Soliman Bay, where you’ll find plenty of opportunities to snorkel. You can also rent a kayak and paddle through the bay area.

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