So I shouldn’t legitimately call this the blog’s first post… a ‘welcome’ post? A ‘welcome back’ post? A ‘let’s catch you up’ post?

Since this is the first post written for Worthy Go, let’s start by catching up a bit.

When you last saw Chris…

Some of you might remember me from Worthy Go (the blog I kept from 2013 to mid-2018, when I sold it.). You might remember me from Chris in Thailand, which didn’t last very long, or from Chris in South Korea, which I kept from 2008 to 2013. In Worthy Go’s case, I added blog posts from the previous blogs into the new blog.

Where did you go?

I sold my last travel blog, Worthy Go, in mid-2018 to a fellow travel blogger (see my last post there). I had been a bit burnt out from travel writing, having written over 2,000 blog posts, hundreds of guest posts, and dozens of books over 10 years. I wanted some more time to pursue game design. Between now and then, I wrote the 2019 edition of Becoming a Digital Nomad, wrote some more guidebooks, made and playtested some games… oh, and we traveled. Since mid-2018, we’ve traveled through Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon.

The blog sale didn’t include my books, however, so I needed to come up with a new brand to use on them (keeping the Worthy Go logo on them would have confused readers). As we were traveling, one of the same thoughts kept coming up again and again: offbeat isn’t a guarantee a place is good, and popular isn’t necessarily a predictor of quality. Our travel focus had shifted from always looking for the offbeat and weird to more carefully researching and considering what places were worthy.

This led to the name Worthy Go and the creation of a more nuanced approach of rating places.

What’s coming up?

As part of future posts here on Worthy Go, both my wife and I will offer a rating on the chart below where applicable. This is mostly self-explanatory, with ‘0’ in the center and the extremes in the corners. The closer to the edges, the stronger the opinion.

  • On the vertical axis: Value, or the value you get from a place. This is where we’ll be comparing things like the admission price and traveling necessary versus what there is to see, do, and experience. More value means you’re feeling like you’re getting your money’s worth. Less value means you feel like you’ve overpaid.
  • On the horizontal axis: Effort, or the effort it takes to enjoy a place. This is where we’ll be comparing things like any annoyances or issues in understanding versus enjoying the place. More effort means it takes a bit more to deal with the place. Less effort means things are more intuitive or there are fewer issues to enjoying the place.

What, you're back? Where did you go? and What's coming up? - Personal -

Let’s look at the different quadrants:

  • Green (more value, less effort): arguably the best quadrant to be in. These places are easy to reach or require little effort to arrive, and offer plenty of value.
  • Yellow (more value, more effort): places that are worthy or interesting, but might require more effort to reach or have more annoyances along the way.
  • Orange (less value, less effort): these places are… fine… I guess… they’re nothing to write home about, though you’ll probably be glad you stopped by.
  • Red (less value, more effort): These are the unworthy places – whether they don’t have much to offer or require a lot of effort to reach, these places are not recommended. I don’t anticipate writing about many places that will fall into this category, but it’s here all the same.

What to expect?

Expect some catching up from those places along with posts from the past. Since selling the blog, the new owner opted to delete quite a few of my older posts. That’s certainly their right, of course, but I’ll slowly be bringing these back online.

Moving forward, I plan to share some of the awesome places my wife and I have been fortunate to enjoy. It’ll be more tightly focused on destinations and traveling, along with announcements about new books as they’re written. Posts about the digital nomad lifestyle will be over at

So without further ado… Here we go!

What, you’re back? Where did you go? and What’s coming up?