Random pictures posts like this one are a reminder that traveling goes beyond destinations and places. Enjoy!

Yeah, I’ve got nothing here. Not sure how ‘Magic Snail’ goes with coffee – any ideas?

Say hello to the Pronya Prokopivna and Golokhvastov monument. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the man proposing isn’t actually looking at his bride-to-be. People rub the beetle on his butt for good luck. It’s very close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, specifically at 14 Desyatynna St.

Not far from the aforementioned statue is ‘the nose’. Call it ‘Gogol’s Nose’ – made by a Lviv sculptor named Oleg Dergachev, it’s located at 13 Desiatynna, just a short distance from the aforementioned statue — rub it to get rid of a running nose, if you believe the legend. This is one of those oddities you might pass right by without realizing.

Now on the Peizazhna Alley near the Children Landscape Park (AKA the Kiev Fashion Park), it’s time to explore one of the city’s best collections of public art:

Go on, step inside the cat’s mouth. There’s just enough room.

Don’t worry, it’s pretty well-buried and won’t go off. Probably.

Perhaps one of the most fanciful playgrounds I’ve ever seen — not sure what’s going on with Alice there, but kids were climbing all over her…

It’s not quite the Manneken Pis, the famous Belgian bronze statue, but a quartet of colorful boys pissing in a perfect arc is… so… Kyiv… I’ve got nothing.

You usually find the nice cold ones inside, but at this one, walk into one to get inside.

Right outside the Kurazh Bazar, a monthly flea market / hipster capital of Kyiv, is this curious statue. Love the metalwork…

Over to you

Have you been to Kyiv / Kiev? What’s interesting to see?

Random pictures, the Kyiv edition