Adventurous families are not happy with the usual theme parks or family-friendly resorts. Instead, they prefer to visit places that offer thrilling adventures and satisfy their cravings for an adrenalin rush. If you’re planning your next family getaway, here are the best places to visit for adventurous families.

  • Switzerland 

Switzerland is home to the Swiss Alps and is considered Europe’s climbing and mountaineering capital. Thus, it often tops the list of places to visit for adventures with the family.

Skiing in the Alps is the top thing to do in Switzerland. It’s home to the world’s most breathtaking skiing destinations, such as Zermatt, St. Moritz, and Saas-Fee. If you’re visiting in spring or summer, the best thing to do with your family is to hike the Jungfrau region, a scenic countryside with fabulous views of a shimmering lake and majestic mountain peaks.

  • The Galapagos Islands 

The remote Galapagos Islands are some of the best places to visit for one-of-a-kind adventures with the family. While it’s more famous for being home to some fascinating wildlife, the archipelago also offers fun activities that the entire family will love. 

Booking a tour of the Galapagos is a great way to see everything these islands have to offer. As you explore the islands with your family, you can enjoy fun adventures like hiking through national parks, snorkelling in the Pacific Ocean, and surfing at one of the Galapagos’ best beaches.

  • Mongolia 

Famous for its untouched remoteness and nomadic culture, Mongolia is one of the world’s best destinations for adventure travel. Families looking to get off the beaten path should consider visiting this fascinating Central Asian country. 

Horses play a significant role in Mongolia’s local culture. Thus, one of the most adventurous things families can do in Mongolia is horseback riding adventure. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for an hour riding excursion or a week-long trek to the Gobi Desert that includes sleeping in a yurt.

  • Latvia 

Latvia is one of Europe’s most underrated travel destinations. The small Baltic country offers many fun adventures for all ages, making it a great destination for family trips. You can also book some excellent tours in Latvia, a perfect way to discover hidden spots with the family.

Hiking through Latvia’s beautiful national parks is highly recommended for families who love nature and adventure. One of these parks is the Gauja National Park, a beautiful park with numerous scenic walks suitable to all ages.

  • France 

France may be famous for its fascinating art museums and splendid monuments, but it also has endless activities for families seeking action-packed adventures. 

One of the most adventurous activities you can try in France is paragliding over the French Alps in Chamonix. Chamonix is a famous resort town at the base of Mont Blanc and a hotspot for winter sports. Aside from paragliding, the other activities you can try in the Alps are cycling on a glacier, skiing, snowshoeing, sledging, or snowboarding.

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