Every destination found on Worthy Go uses a four-quadrant chart that looks like this:

About the Worthy Go chart - Blogging -

Think of this as a rating of 1 to 10 on two axes: Value and Effort. The closer to the edges, the stronger the opinion.

  • On the vertical axis: Value, or the value you get from a place. This is where we’ll be comparing things like the admission price and traveling necessary versus what there is to see, do, and experience. More value means you’re feeling like you’re getting your money’s worth.
  • On the horizontal axis: Effort, or the effort it takes to enjoy a place. This is where we’ll be comparing things like any annoyances or issues in understanding versus enjoying the place. More effort means it takes a bit more to deal with the place.

Let’s look at the different quadrants:

  • Green (more value, less effort): arguably the best quadrant to be in. These places are easy to reach or require little effort to arrive, and offer plenty of value.
  • Yellow (more value, more effort): places that are worthy or interesting, but might require more effort to reach or have more annoyances along the way.
  • Orange (less value, less effort): these places are… fine… I guess… they’re nothing to write home about, though you’ll probably be glad you stopped by.
  • Red (less value, more effort): These are the unworthy places – whether they don’t have much to offer or require a lot of effort to reach, these places are not recommended. I don’t anticipate writing about many places that will fall into this category, but it’s here all the same.
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Both Laura (my wife) and I (Chris) will rate the places (unless one of us didn’t go), with the result looking like this:

About the Worthy Go chart - Blogging -

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